Our Production Team

Jenny Allison
Writer and Lead Researcher

Jenny Allison is the writer and lead resercher of The Golden Month. She has 20 years experience working in women's health, both in practice and teaching. She has developed teaching units for the Biomedical and Health Science faculty at the University of Western Sydney. Jenny is an editorial assistant to the Journal of Chinese Medicine (UK), the largest English-based Chinese medicine journal in the world, and is a traditionally trained qualified acupuncturist.

The project arose out of her daily experiences with the women that she saw in her clinic, and through talking to mothers from within and outside of New Zealand.

Lotte Wotherspoon Producer and Art Director

Lotte Wotherspoon is an art director of film, theatre and television. Wotherspoon has designed sets that have appeared on C4, Maori Televison and Juice TV. Internationally she was involved in the design of the 2004 central exhibition space at the Prague Quadrennial, an international exhibition of sceneography and theatre architecture.

Wotherspoon has taught undergraduate design courses at Massey, Victoria University and Unitec. Since 2003 she has managed her own design business.


Sonja de Friez Director

Sonja de Friez is an award winning documentary maker. Primarily focused on social and health issues, de Friez has made and been involved with more than a dozen films, all screening on nation wide television, most also screening in film festivals.

Sonja de Friez has 15 years experience as a current affairs reporter where she reported health issues for TV3. De Friez has also taught postgraduate journalism at Canterbury University.





Mike Nelson DOP

Mike Nelson (AKA Havoc) is a DOP with over 11 years of broadcast experience.He has worked extensively in New Zealand and overseas on international productions.

Wai Mason Kaumatua

Wai Mason comes from Tauranga Moana where she was brought up with the best of traditional Maori and Pakeha worlds. Wai Mason originally trained and worked in early childhood education. She then worked with prisoners at Paremoremo and moved to learning support in tertiary education. She has a wide community network and is a pivotal figure in community support and education.

Luise Brandt Health Advisor

Luise Brandt has 19 years experience as a certified midwife. Brandt worked for 11 years in Auckland hospitals and has practiced as an independent case loading midwife since 2002.
Through her profession, Brandt has gathered rich insight and direct experience into how different cultures and communities support women after childbirth.